The Filter Inlay gives 95% protection against particles down to 2.5µm.

Filter Inlay (Pack of 5)

  • User Guide

    • Place the Filter Inlay into the inside of the mask before putting it on.
    • If you need to adjust the position of the Inlay, adjust from the outside of the mask.
    • If the Filter gets wet, we recommend to dispose of the filter and use a new one. Filters my get damaged when wet and reduce the protective capabilities.
    • PLEASE don't share Filters with anyone. Stay safe and stay smiling.
  • Important Points Before Purchase

    • Allot of airborne pathogens / particles, have particles smaller the 2.5µm. If this is the case, the Filter Inlay won’t fully protect you.
    • In a case when the particles are smaller then 2.5µm, the filter inlays will only help reducing the larger particles from spreading.
    • More information can be found by search for ‘PM 2.5 filter’.
    • Make sure that you are buying the proper protective products to your situation.

James Harrison

Cool face masks. Bought a couple of colors and I really like them all. Fits well and comfortable to wear. Defiantly will buy more when new colors come out.

Ulrike Milatz

Trage diese Maske schon seit Wochen und bin begeistert. Material fühlt sich super gut auf der Haut an. Maske ist was Besonderes, Leute haben mich schon darauf angesprochen.