Designed for elegance and simplicity. The Yovnger face mask is perfectly cut for comfort and style. The polyester stretch blend fabric is picked for its soft touch and aesthetically pleasing look.


Handmade in Germany


Each purchase of a Yovnger face mask will contribute €1 to charity. Please don't forget to choose one of the charity organisations.

Nero Black

Color: Nero Black
  • Size Guide

    This product has one size which fits all.

  • Care Instructions

    The Yovnger face mask can be safely washed by hand or in the washing machine at low temperature (30ºC).


    The same way that you wash your hand to get rid of germs, this hand washing technique can be applied to the Yovnger face mask as well.


    Washing face mask after each use is Yovnger’s suggested guidelines to minimise contamination.

  • Important Points Before Purchase

    • This product is not a viable replacement for surgical or N95 masks.
    • This product does not stop microparticles.

    • Even in combination with other face masks or filters, this product will not guaranty that you will not be susceptible to catching any form of infectious pathogen.

    • Be Careful. Any face mask that are not approved by WHO, Governments or leading health organisation who state to have proper protective capability are sending false messages. Please make sure that you are taking the correct precautions for your situations. Stay Safe & Stay Smiling.

James Harrison

Cool face masks. Bought a couple of colors and I really like them all. Fits well and comfortable to wear. Defiantly will buy more when new colors come out.

Ulrike Milatz

Trage diese Maske schon seit Wochen und bin begeistert. Material fühlt sich super gut auf der Haut an. Maske ist was Besonderes, Leute haben mich schon darauf angesprochen.